Classicist at Brasenose College, Oxford, mainly Roman, and mainly Roman poetry, with a side interest in Afghanistan and vicinity, especially in the nineteenth century. Author of Musa Pedestris on Roman poetry, and The Buddhas of Bamiyan on Afghanistan. Most recently, Ovid: A Very Short Introduction.

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  1. Gillian says :

    Hi, I wanted to inquire about one of the images in your post (https://llewelynmorgan.com/2015/10/10/on-a-foot-that-walked/). I am looking to syndicate this image and am wondering if you could tell me more about the source so I can track down the license to print this in a magazine? Thanks so much!

    • Llewelyn Morgan says :

      It’s from an academic publication in France, P. Bernard, “Quatrième campagne de fouilles à Aï Khanoum (Bactriane),” CRAI [Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, Comptes Rendus] 113 (1969), 313-55, at page 339. I think you would need to contact DAFA, the French archaeological mission in Afghanistan who will I assume hold the original: http://dafa.fr/index.php/fr/

  2. Llewelyn Morgan says :

    Here is the relevant issue online if you want to point them to it: https://www.persee.fr/doc/crai_0065-0536_1969_num_113_3_12397

  3. George says :

    Good afternoon Sir! My son, Alex, and I are coming to your lecture on Tuesday. He is in Y10 at the school and doing both Classics and Latin for GCSE. He wants to follow the same route as you and was wondering if you could offer any advice for him? Thanks in advance. G

  4. Crystal says :

    Hey, are you still on Twitter? I was planning to tweet a few of your blog posts and wanted to tag you, but Twitter says that your handle doesn’t exist. Did it change?

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